Friday, 19 April 2013

Those Crafty Ladies

Every week a group of ladies, from the local ExPat community, meet up and enjoy an afternoon of arts and crafts. It might be something that they enjoy doing individually, but it is always nice to enjoy it in the company of like minded souls. Hopefully as time progresses it would be nice for them to learn some traditional Bulgarian crafts, but for that they would need some Bulgarians to join their happy bunch. At the moment crocheting seems to be the order of the day, but they have had a go at string craft, drawing and painting, sewing, knitting and you would be amazed at what you can do with an old plastic bottle. Last year they could be found every Wednesday afternoon out at Camping Veliko Tarnovo.

Camping VT
Now, for those of you who are old hands at this blog of mine, you will remember that this was the venue for last year's 'It's A Knockout' games. Nick and Nicky very kindly let us basically have the run of the place for an entire weekend. To be quite honest they probably got fed up with the sight of us, so this year the ladies are moving their craft afternoons to a variety of locations. They have even been held in a local cafe, much to the amusement of the waiting staff. No one seems to mind where they pitch up, as it is always just as clean when they leave. So this week saw a return to last year's venue, and the campsite at Dragizhevo.

Camping Veliko Tarnovo
As it was still early in the season for them, it was nice to be able to sit down with Nicky and listen to all of their plans for this year's season. Now for anyone who is looking for a break in the wonderful area of Veliko Tarnovo, I would highly recommend that you have a look at the Camping VT website. Their website is , and the campsite itself can be found in the village of Dragizhevo. Not only are the facilities outstanding, you are also met with smiles and good cheer wherever you turn. The views from the cafe's terrace are superb, and many people are surprised to find a campsite of this quality hidden away in central Bulgaria. I think that Nick and Nicky have very wisely taken bits from their own travels and have incorporated them all in this haven just outside of Veliko Tarnovo.

Camping VT Swimming Pool
As sure as eggs are eggs, things are going to get hot again this summer, so what better way is there to cool off than a dip in a pool. Guess what, they have one of those there too. So if you like camping this could well be the place for you to relax and unwind at. You are guaranteed a warm welcome from this lovely couple and their helpful staff.

At the moment the weather is a bit indecisive, and yesterday morning I was contemplating an earlier return than normal into shorts. Come the afternoon I was quite glad that I had decided against it, and I even had to go and get a coat out of the car for Net. It didn't put anyone off of helping one of the crafty ladies celebrate her birthday though.

Flame Tulips
Even though we might be in the midst of Spring, the temperatures are still a bit up and down. I could be in just a t-shirt one day or a light jacket or jumper the next. We also get the occasional shower, although some have had thunderstorms and downpours. Our vegetable garden is showing signs of life with quite a few of the seeds coming up already. The new cat, Merlin is settling in quite nicely and has already staked a claim on his spot on one of the couches. He has already made friends with Mr Cat, but is still a bit wary with the two girls, Mini and Billy. He has realised that the dogs stay one side of the fence so he is quite happy exploring the garden on the other side. So a very big thank you to Karen and Peter for letting us take him on, it is always nice to rehome a cat. As today was quite overcast it has mainly been a pottering day. Once the housework was done it was time to do bits and pieces outside. My task today was washing the car, and to be perfectly frank it did need it. It still had the road grime from the winter on it, but we are not nearly as fastidious as we used to be in the UK when the cars were washed fortnightly whether they needed them or not. There are car washing places about, but I am not sure that I trust them. Some of the staff at several of them look as though they could do with a good hose down themselves. At least if I drop my cloth I know that I will have made sure that there is no grit left on it before using it again. The good news is that I got the official nod of approval, so a job well done and well supervised by the three dogs.

Twisted Hazel  Comes Back To Life


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