Friday, 12 April 2013

Spring Is Definitely Here

Outside in need of a trim
We can definitely report that Spring is well and truely here. Even though the trees have still got that winter twiggy look to them, they are either covered in blossom or leaf buds. At this time of year it really is as though someone throws a switch, hey presto Spring has arrived. Today I have been cutting the grass out the front, in temperatures of about 23-25C. Not bad for the middle of April, I'm sure that you will agree. So that the grass out the front doesn't get too long and unmanageable once again the lawn mower was dragged out from its winter hibernation in the shed. Keeping the grass cut short serves quite a few purposes, no hissers can hide in it, also the cats as they traipse through it are not so likely to get Ticks, and also our Kmet normally gives me the official nod of approval. As we are walled all of the way round, quite often working out the front is the only time that we get to see village life passing us by.

Looking down the lane
Today we have had Amy sat out on her bench enjoying the sunshine while she has been waiting for rugs to dry. Her son has been out on the 'green' playing with a football. Sayed has been going backwards and forwards with a horse and cart taking tree stumps from one place to another. Not only did he have his dog with him but also his goat, it is nice to see his dog playing at his heels instead of being tied up like they normally are. The goat lady has been busy pottering away in her garden, as have others. We even had a car drive past today, so they were probably lost as it is such a rare occasion. Net and Yolanta had hair appointments today so I was largely left to my own devices, luckily I had  Mr Cat to supervise me.

Peach Blossom after a shower
We have had a few showers but these have mainly been at night, so the seeds that we have sown have been nicely watered in. Either that or they have been washed to one end of the trenches that we have dug. Standing underneath the fruit trees sounds not too dissimilar to standing near a motorway, with that constant hum of traffic. Only here it is the village bees getting an early start. At least there is nothing genetically modified about the fruit blossom. A couple of years ago the village was surrounded by fields of Rapeseed, thankfully that novelty seems to have worn off. It used to play havoc with people's breathing, and probably caused heaven only knows how many allergic reactions. Even Dencho has planted fruit trees in the field behind us.

More Peach Blossom
Even trees that have never blossomed before are doing so this year, and everywhere you look there are varying shades of pink or white blossom. Birdsong can be heard, even at night as I have already heard the Nightingales in the village. The roosters can be heard calling from one side of the village to the other, It sounds as though Simeon is keeping a couple of Peacocks again, as you can often here their distinctive cry. What I haven't seen so far has been the Ostriches. It might sound odd, but in a village of this size someone chose to keep a pair of Ostriches. So apart from the occasional rotovator, tractor or car you only get to hear natural noises up here on top of the hill. I will give it until next month and the radios will be playing to the gardens. I don't know how true it is, but we have been told that the noise deters the snakes. If they are playing their 'twiddly' music it certainly deters me, still if you can't beat them join them. In a few weeks time you will find me watering the garden to the sound of Madness, Meatloaf and Queen, plus anything else we choose to play that day.

Baby Grasshoppers on Grape Hyacinth
So Mother Nature has caused everything to grow and regenerate, I do so enjoy this time of year. Even in the facebook group there is now a photo competition to depict Spring. Just to cheer those in the UK up, we are now just gone 6pm and it is still a very nice 22C out there, it feels as though I have caught the sun today. The only downside to warmer temperatures is that the flies are now back. We do have to check the dogs and cats thoroughly for ticks and other little pets, as we can do without them indoors. Before we know it we will be back in shorts and t-shirts. Net's studio has also had a bit of a spring clean, and some little bits of winter damage have been repaired. Sometimes it does seem hard to believe that we have been here for nearly five years. Time just seems to have flown by, but I wouldn't swap it for the world, and I am pleased to say that I consider Bulgaria to be home.

Springtime Ladybird
Before I forget I would like to say a very big thank you to all who have taken the time to read this blog, thanks to you all it has now been accessed over 10,000 times. So once again thank you very much, and here is to the next 10,000


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  2. I know that there has recently been problems in there Shaun but as far as I am aware you are still in there. In the meantime thanks for taking the time to read the blog. I will go and investigate for you

  3. As far as I could tell Shaun, Adelina was still in there, but you weren't but now you are again. Please accept my apologies

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