Wednesday, 12 August 2015

100 Tourist Sites of Bulgaria (Part 2)

Now that my eyes have uncrossed I shall carry on with the next part of this tourist guide. I am hoping that some of the information will be useful, and maybe it will encourage at least someone to explore maybe a little bit more than their immediate area. All I have to do is remember where I got up to on the list, and then I can restart the second part. So if you are all sitting comfortably, then I shall begin.

District of Plovdiv
41. Plovdiv (Пловдив) - Roman Amphitheatre, Old Plovdiv architecture reserve, Ethnography Museum, Museum of History, St's Constantin & Helena Church
42. Perushtitsa (Перущица) - Museum of History
43. Sopot (Сопот) - The Nunnery, House of Ivan Vazov
44. Karlovo (Карлово) - Vasil Levski National Museum
45. Kalofer (Калофер) - Hristo Botev National Museum
46. Botev Peak (Връх Ботев)
47. Asenovgrad (Асеновград) - Bachkovo Monastery, Asen's Fortress

District of Razgrad
48. Razgrad (Разград) - Abrittus Archaeological Reserve
49. Isperih (Исперих) - Museum of History, Sboryanovo Museum of History and Archaeology, Thracian tomb of Sveshtari, Thracian town of Chelis, Demir Baba Tekke

District of Ruse
50. Ruse (Русе) - House of Zahari Stoyanov, Pantheon of National Revival Heroes

District of Silistra
51. Silistra (Силистра) - Museum of History, Medcidi Tabi Fortress
52. Srebarna Nature Reserve (Биосферен резерват Сребърна)
53. Tutrakan (Тутракан) - Military Tomb Memorial Complex, Museum of Danube Fishing and Boat-Making

District of Sliven
54. Sliven (Сливен) - House of Hadzhi Dimitar, National Textile Museum
55. Blue Stones Nature Park, Karandila Hut (Природен парк Сините камъни и хижа Карандила)
56. Kotel (Котел) - Georgi Sava Rakovski's Panteon and the Museum of Famous People of the Bulgarian Revival Age, Natural Sciences Museum
57. Zheravna village (Жеравна) - Architecture and Ethnography Reserve, House of Yordan Yovkov

City of Sofia District
58. Sofia (София) - The National Museum of History, Boyana Church National Museum
59. Sofia (София) - Alexander Nevski Cathedral
60. Sofia (София) - National Church Museum of History and Archaeology of the Holy Synod of the Bulgarian orthodox Church
61. Sofia (София) - National Palace of Culture
62. Sofia (София) - National Art Gallery, Institute of Ethnography and Museum maintained by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
63. Etropole (Етрополе) -Museum of History, Clocktower, Monastery of the Holy Trinity
64. Sofia (София) - Earth and Man National Museum
65. Sofia (София) - National Museum of Natural Science maintained by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences
66. Sofia (София) - Museum of the History of Sport
67. Hisarya (Хисаря) - Thracian Temple in Starosel village
68. Sofia (София) - Institute of Archaeology and Museum maintained by the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, Sofia Synagogue
69. Sofia (София) - Sofia Zoo
70. Bratsigovo (Брацигово) - Town Museum of History
71. Sofia (София) - St. Sophia Temple
72. Chirpan (Чирпан) - House Museum of Peyo Yavorov, Nikola Manev Art Gallery, St Athanasius Monastery in Zlata Livada village
73. Dimitrovgrad (Димитровград) - History Museum, House of Penyo Penev

74. Vitosha (Витоша) - Cherni Vrah

District of Sofia

75. Koprivshtitsa (Копривщица) - Archaeology and History Reserve
76. Sredna Gora (Средна Гора) - Bogdan Peak
77. Klisura (Клисура) - Museum of History
78. Osenvlag village (Осенвлаг) - Seven Altars Monastery
79. Samokov (Самоков) - Museum of History, the Nunnery
80. Rila (Рила) - Musala Peak
81. Botevgrad (Ботевград) - Clocktower
82. Skravena village (Скравена) - St Nikolas monastery, Holy Transfiguration Monastery, Ossuary of the members of Hristo Botev's detachment

District of Smolyan
83. Smolyan (Смолян) - Smolyan Planetarium, Museum of History
84. Pamporovo (Пампорово) - Snezhanka Peak, Uhlovitsa Cave
85. Golyam Perelik Peak (Връх Голям Перелик) - The Wonderful Bridges
86.Zlatograd (Златоград) - Ethnography Complex
87. Shiroka Laka village (Широка лъка)
88. Trigrad Gorge (Триградско ждрело) - Devil's Throat Cave
89. Buynovo Gorge (Буйндвско ждрело) - The Yagodina Cave

District of Stara Zagora
90. Stara Zagora (Стара Загора) - the Neolithic Houses, the Roman Forum of Augusta Traiana, the Stara Zagora Defenders Memorial Complex, Museum of History
91. Kazanlak (Казанлък) - Chudomir Art and Literature Museum, Thracian tomb of Kazanlak
92.Shipka Town (Шипка) - Shipka Memorial Church
93. Shipka Pass ( Национален парн-музей Шипка) - Shipka Memorial

District of Shumen
94. Shumen (Шумен) - Shumen Fortress Reserve of Architecture and History, Founders of the Bulgarian State Monument, Museum of History
95. Shumen (Шумен) - Tombul Mosque
96. Pliska (Плиска) - Archaeological Reserve
97. Madara (Мадара) - Archaeological Reserve
98 Velki Preslav (Велки Преслав) - National Reserve of History and Architecture

District of Yambol
99. Yambol (Ямбол) - the Ancient town of Kabile, Museum of History
100. Elhovo (Елхово) - Museum of Ethnography

There you have it ladies and gentlemen, that is the full list of 100 tourist sites as per the Bulgarian Tourist Union's booklet. I'm now off to give my eyes a rest, but I hope that something on here might pique your interest for the next time that you have visitors.  

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