Tuesday, 12 August 2014

Picture Postcards From Gorna Oryahovitsa

In Bulgaria there are 28 regional Administrative Districts, up here in the centre of Northern Bulgaria, we are under the umbrella of Veliko Tarnovo. Residents of this district are easy to spot as their vehicle registration plates all begin BT. It is a district which covers approximately 4650 square kilometres. In total it has administrative control over 14 towns and cities, and 322 villages. Quite a fair bit for it to cope with, so the district is further broken down into 10 municipalities. We fall under the remit of Gorna Oryahovitsa.

Now over the years of posting these blogs I have mentioned Gorna several different times, but unless you actually know the area I might as well be talking about Timbuktu. This morning I took one of our neighbours into the hospital at Gorna for her appointment. Whilst waiting out in the car park I started pondering what subject to cover in my next blog. Then I remembered that I had done a photo blog from the village, so perhaps I could do something similar for Gorna Oryahovitsa itself, after all they do say that a picture paints a thousand words. So without further ado here is a small photo guide to Gorna.

Sitting above the town, like a silent 
sentinel, is a stone cliff.
Called, quite simply, The Stone.
From the top of The Stone, 
you can see out over the town.
Including looking out over the airport
Being a transport hub, there are many ways to get here.
Maybe you'd prefer to let the train take the strain.
Can you guess which is the village bus?

Then again there is always the bus
The Bus Station looks different
from outside
Sometimes the road system can be a bit confusing,
just wait until there's a roundabout here

The Municipality building
Put your Hands up for 
Gorna Oryahovitsa

Churches are a common sight
Some have different roofs or cupolas

Some mix in well with their newer surroundings

Home to GO Lokomotive, maybe not the Theatre
of Dreams but they give plenty of teams nightmares
The local museum well worth a look, once you
work out how to get in
You can see the stone from almost everywhere

Open air concerts? Step this way 
Perhaps you are hungry and fancy trying some
local fruit and vegetables
Maybe you prefer meats, there is a sausage named
after Gorna Oryahovitsa

You would be surprised at how many places
you can buy fruit
Sometimes its nice to have a stroll in the
afternoon sunshine

Or maybe go for a coffee

Plenty of trees for shade as you head 
for something to eat, or another coffee
Another claim to fame. 
The largest handmade
Bulgarian flag

The Central square is a great place to 
watch the world go by

Listening to the splash of the fountains in the
summer months 
Or trying to decipher exactly what is shown
on the mosaic above CBA
The best bit is at least three Ice Cream
stalls to choose from

Remember to stop for people using
pedestrian crossings

Especially when the crossing is next to the court house
A small church 
Watch out for Sleeping Beauty behind Lidl


  1. I've never stood back and looked at Gorna, it is somewhere we occasionally have to drive through and find it a bit stressful, being pleased to get away. But I think we may have to find parking and have a wander round, it looks lovely.

    Strangely I lived in the Chester area most of my life and didn't really 'see' it except as a smelly, packed necessity...also hard to drive round when they keep changing priorities. But I see it very differently now when I see it through the eyes of a camera. All very familiar.

    1. At times driving can be a challenge, especially when the Lemmings either walk out in front of you, or behind you when you're reversing. The main square is a great place to people watch, which I enjoy doing over either an ice cream or a coffee. Although it doesn't seem to have the history of VT, it does have a charm all of its own, and despite there only being a hill between the two it is loads cheaper too :)

  2. It is my pleasure to welcome Radostina to the blog, as she is our latest follower. Thank you for taking the time to read these blogs, and I hope that you will share them with family and friends :o)

  3. Wherever do you get your inspiration from? This site is just awesome! I am really keen on finding out more. Please keep me updated periodically as I would this is too good to miss!

    1. The easiest way to do that is to follow the blog by signing up to either of the options posted just to the right of the blog. That way you never get to miss an article when I post it up