Sunday, 22 May 2011

Sunday Drivers

The day dawned and we were greeted with bright blue skies and the birds singing. Shame that it was only 6 o'clock, but Fenny decided that it was time for him to go out and water the driveway, and he felt that I should be up and about too. Just recently we have been plagued by cats using our veg patch as a venue for their fights, and Sirius takes a dim view of this and feels that it is his job to bark at them until they clear off, probably much to the delight of our neighbours. As it is a Sunday and this time of the month it was Car Boot day at the VT Camp site, we had arranged to take Jolanta to her first ever bootie, along with Pete and Claire.

It was arranged that Pete and Claire would come over to ours at about 9.30, we would then pick up Jolanta on the way through the village, and head off towards Dragishevo. We duly arrived, and the first problem was finding somewhere to park, the road outside the camp site was lined with vehicles. I have not known the bootie be quite so popular, it was packed, and such nice surroundings to have a boot sale at. It was baking hot as well, the sunshine must have brought everyone out. I think that I can say that a successful day was had by all, Net got a Canna Lily and some Jerusalem Artichokes (thanks Suzie, but if they take over the garden you did warn us), we also got Ginger Beer, Choccie Bickies, Black Treacle, Cumberland Rings and some proper mature Cheddar. It was a good way of putting some faces to names, and hopefully Jolanta has now been bitten by the car boot bug. Once everyone had done all that they wanted to do it was back to our's after dropping Jolanta off on the way.

It seemed a shame to waste such a nice day, so out came the map to see if anything leapt out at us as somewhere that could be visited. We decided to head up to Svishtov and see how the Danube has been coping with these recent downpours, also none of us had ever been there before. It looked quite straight forward on the map, and so it was until we got diverted. Diversion signs had been posted, but why oh why do they insist on putting them right on the junction where they want you to turn? Twice I ended up driving straight past these turnings, and when you have an articulated lorry trying to disappear up your exhaust pipe there's not a lot that you can do, except wait until it has passed and you can find somewhere safe to turn. Once we were on the right road it was a very pleasant trip, and we went past several fields of cereal with Poppies liberally scattered through them.

After a hot and dusty drive we arrived in Svishtov, found somewhere to park and we were all in need of something cold to drink. We also took the opportunity to ask for directions to the Danube. It was very pleasant sitting under those big umbrellas drinking Coke and Ice, and in case anyone is wondering, yes this is finally a photo of your's truly. Svishtov seems quite a nice town, what we saw of it, and just over from this Bistro/cafe there was quite an impressive looking church.
We had a stroll round, before getting back in the car. Well we had to leave the doors open for a while, as it was a bit like an oven in there. Both parts of the soft top came down, and we set off in the direction that we were given, and sure enough we were able to see the Danube. Normally when we have seen the river at Ruse it looks quite muddy, but today it looked quite clear and inviting. Just then Pete's phone bleeped and he got a text message welcoming him to Romania, and there we were thinking that Romania was on the other side of the river. So we had found the Danube, it was still there and looking none the worse for wear. So all that we had to do was head off home again. It seems surprising but the trips home always seem quicker than the getting anywhere. Mind you we did go a different way, but I actually recognised a road that the SatNav tried to take us across, and the next thing we knew we were in Polski Trambesh. Even with both of the tops down I was slowly melting, and suggested stopping for a cold drink. This was quite fortunate, as it meant putting the soft tops back up, and while we were sat having our drinks we heard the first pitter patter of rain drops on the cafe awning.
Well folks that is about it for this blog, the next 2 days are public holidays, well Tuesday is, but the thinking seems to be if there is a holiday on Tuesday why go to work on the Monday, why not have a four day weekend. So see you at the next blog, and thanks for reading this one.

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